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Mr. Raman Kant (NEER Foundation) has also taken up responsibilities as East Kali River Waterkeeper to safeguard the river body. Waterkeeper Alliance, which is based out of Manhattan, U.S.A., unites all Waterkeeper organizations, coordinating and covering issues affecting Waterkeepers that work to protect rivers, lakes and other water bodies around the world.

As a Waterkeeper, Raman acts as an action and contact person for the river body which he has compassionately volunteered to guard and protect. He advocates for the river basin, demanding compliance with environmental laws using litigation against any entity or person threatening the river. The East Kali River Waterkeeper focuses on the environmental review of construction projects proposed for the river, such as dams, roads, and using all tools at its disposal to avoid the construction of any project deemed harmful to the river basin. The East Kali River Waterkeeper works towards ensuring that public money is spent wisely for watershed protection.

Mr. Raman attended the Annual conference of WKA in years 2017 & 2018 held in U.S.A where his efforts as the East Kali River Waterkeeper also won the top best efforts category.

Ongoing efforts of East Kali River Waterkeeper have made it possible for the River body to be included in “Namami Gange” of the Central Government, speeding up its revival process.