About Us

NEER Foundation was founded in 2004 after realizing the urgent need for capacity building of different stakeholders involved in the management and protection of the environment and society.

Since its appearance NEER Foundation has worked untiringly towards developing a sustainable environment for all by means of grassroot level activities, policy advocacy, mass awareness, community ac-tion, field demonstrations and information dissemination.

Our Vision & Mission

  • To work towards a pollution free world

    To work towards a pollution free world where every individual can have a healthy existence and promotes sustainable development in every sphere. Through its local and national initiatives NEER Foundation links up to global initiatives and believes in creating positive global impacts.

  • Local people’s participation and empowerment

    Local people’s participation and empowerment in decision making at all levels and control over resources is the key way out of environmental degradation.

  • Jul, 01

    Collaboration with WaterKeeper Alliance

    We are delighted to share with you all, that Mr. Raman Kant, Manager & Director of NEER Foundation, has been nominated as East Kali Waterkeeper ! He will put out his best efforts to safeguard the river and bring justice to people suffering from health hazards of the river.