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Waste Management

Waste Management:

NF is working to promote 3’Rs of waste management. In urban areas it sensitizes the community to reduce waste, recycle it to the extent possible and its proper disposal. In rural areas, it provides alternatives to burning of the waste; motivate the farmers and implement alternatives such as sugarcane leaves composting.


Through promotion of toxics free healthcare by spreading awareness in various states among the healthcare staff, hospitals and the general public through workshops, training programs & media coverage held from time to time. The main focus of these programs is to bring the issue of mismanagement in handling biomedical waste and the subsequent infection into the public domain. These help to sensitize the healthcare staff to minimize the production of such waste and help in its safe disposal.


Along with Nokia, NEER had undertaken an e-waste collection program in which more than 15 schools of Meerut had participated. E waste was collected and sent for recycling through this program. The students were given awareness sessions on how to dispose e waste and how harmful it can be for the environment.

Municipal Waste:

It promotes awareness about the benefits of community-based waste management, as well as the impacts on traditional and informal sector recycling processes. Promotion of “Waste to Wealth” concept for income generation as well as management of solid waste.