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Rural Development:

Rural Development:

Analyzing the needs and priorities of the rural population, NF is making considerable efforts for rural development. Activities undertaken involve combination of delivery and service activities and employment generation activities. It insured that all the activities are implemented under the leadership of Gram Pradhans who have the most important role in sustainable rural development.

Aadarsh Gaon Abhiyaan:

NF has initiated this program for achieving sustainable rural development in the region with community involvement. In the initial phase of the program, it has adopted five villages of the district wherein it will be take up different activities time to time. These include agricultural programs, health and hygiene, human resource development, community development and trade and industrial programs. The selected villages are Poothi (Meerut), Lahoregarh (Meerut) Khatki (Meerut), Mavi (Meerut) and Rasulpur (Hapur).

Kheti Sudhar Abhiyaan:

Farming is the mainstay of income in the region of Western Uttar Pradesh with sugarcane being the major crop. NF under this program is providing field as well as training support to the farming community right from seed to the market. Organic seed distribution, preparation of organic composts and fertilizers, soil analysis, certification, value addition and market linkage are the components involved in the process.

Concepts like ‘Save Soil’, ‘Less water irrigation’, etc are promoted. LR Compost pit technique is a result of the various studies and experiments undertaken. Focus is laid on vegetable quality.