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UP River Policy:

NEER Foundation has taken the lead to prepare a people-friendly policy draft on river in consultation with the experts and various stakeholders which was submitted to the Government of UP. Major points highlighted in the policy draft are Environmental flow, Drinking water, Agricultural use, Fair - Festivals - Kumbha, Domestic use, gram panchayat, municipality, Cultural tourism and Energy industry.

NEER has also contributed to the upcoming NCR Green Development Policy by Rajyasabha committee. Contribution has also been made to National Water Policy 2012-14, U.P. Groundwater policy, through facts and ideas.

Ponds Development Authority:

In a meeting with Mr. Hukum Singh ji, Chairman, Parliamentary Standing committee on Water, Govt. Of India; Mr. Raman had discussed the situation of ponds of the region. A detailed report has also been submitted to him by NEER which has recorded conditions and all numbers of the ponds of this region. Mr. Hukum Singh ji has expressed his desire to visit the Meerut region along with his committee to check the conditions of ponds. Also request has been placed to form a Ponds Development Authority to overlook the ponds separately.