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Environment Protection

Environment Protection:

NF has been actively working towards the protection & conservation of environment. This is done through creating awareness among the masses and undertaking outreach programs. Children have an active participation in all the programs. Following the environmental calendar every year, World Environment Day, Earth Day, Tree Plantation Drive, Ground Water Day, Forest Week, World Water Day, Earth Hour and other days are celebrated involving different stakeholders from the community.


NEER Foundation has lifted the torch, to spread the light of knowledge, making people aware about the water quality and its importance. This has been achieved though an association with the World Water Monitoring Day program. The foundation joined the program in 2009 and after its successful achievements was chosen as the National Coordinator of the program for India.

Plant a Tree:

With an aim to promote ‘Green Cover’ in Meerut district, NF takes tree plantation in the district time to time. It is ensured that each tree planted is sustained by the community. NEER has plans to open the first ever “Smriti Van” in the city which will house number of tree and plant varieties.

Climate Change:

To contribute to the process of adapting and mitigation of climate change, NF explore and demonstrates successful, replicable models to sensitizing the community for both adjusting to the changing climate and mitigating the emissions individually as well as collectively. NF also has the distinction of LR Compost being successfully adopted by the farmers of Western U.P. which is composting method using sugarcane leaves that are otherwise burnt.

Forest Conservation:

NF inspires an ethic of caring and commitment to a healthy and sustainable forest by motivate people to take positive action in the Hastinapur Sanctuary region. It runs training programs to create a deep understanding of the watershed and forestry, develops possible strategies and plans for watershed conservation at Hastinapur sanctuary through dialogues and educates farmers about the possible livelihood options through forestry. Steps are also being taken to save the aquatic biodiversity of river Ganga, flowing through the region.

Biodiversity Conservation:

NF is making continuous efforts to conserve, restore and sustainably use the biological diversity of Western Uttar Pradesh. Documentation of the rich bio-treasure, sensitization of the community and implementing community managed bio-diversity conservation programs are being implemented. Communities have been organized as Biodiversity Communities (Jaivik Panchayats) for the conservation of biodiversity, rejuvenation of indigenous knowledge, and vitalization of gram sabhas and panchayats.

Project Heat:

In collaboration with ISAC and Delhi University project ‘Heal the Earth’s Atmosphere Tomorrow (HEAT)’ is being implemented at Meerut district. The organization has made efforts to establish a centre of HEAT program at Meerut which has given positive results. Students from various countries associated with ISAC under Heat Project visits Meerut time to time to educate school students about environmental education.